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I love to watch faces - the personality and the psychology of a person to reveal in that little shadow or wrinkle or angle. That´s what I try to catch on my canvas.
Every face has its beauty and charm and I set out to capture that.

Please contact me if you are interested in a portrait. I work with photographs and therefore it is not necessary to pose for me.
Two Friends in Marbella  
Two Friends in Marbella / 55x75cm acrylic on canvas 2017 / sold
GeKo / 50x50cm acrylic on canvas
Bella / 45x50cm acrylic on canvas
Siri / 45x50cm acrylic on canvas
Vanessa / 60x80cm acrylic on canvas
Günter 70  
Günter / 32x19cm acrylic on roof tile
Girl / 48x55cm acrylic on canvas
Boy / 48x55cm acrylic on canvas
Hundvakt / 2004 - acrylic on canvas
Prast / acrylic on canvas
Kontakta mig om du är intresserad av ett porträtt.
Jag arbetar från fotografier, så du behöver inte sitta modell i timmar.

When placing your order you pay 50 % of the price. The rest, you pay when the painting is finished, and is to be delivered. The painting will be sent to you un-mounted in a roll. The transportation cost is not included in the prices mentioned here.

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