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Niki Marko

Artist’s Biography


Born in Stockholm, Sweden 1957

Studies in History of Fine Arts, University Stockholm 1976 

Studies in Graphics, Sculpture and Drawing in Venice, Italy 1977

University studies in Architecture, Stockholm 1978-85
Certified Architect 1985


After working in the world of architecture and graphic design in Stockholm,

I moved to Fuengirola, Spain in 2001.

The light and the atmosphere of the Costa del Sol has inspired my paintings.

In 2005 I moved back to Stockholm, and also started working with Ceramics.

Since  2010 I spend more time  in Spain again.

I paint various aspects of life with my particular sense of humour.

In my paintings there is speed, strong colours, and detailed portraits of humans and other creatures.

All my work is on sale through my website here.


Here some of the exhibitions I participated in:


2013 - November- Christmas Fair, Marbella Golf and Country Club, Spain


2012- February- Casa de la Cultura, La Cala de Mijas, Spain

           September- the Artround, Upplands-Bro, Sweden


2009- Three different exhibitions of my Ceramics- in Sigtuna, and in Ersta and

           Vasastan, Stockholm,Sweden


2006 - November - Galleri Darling, Stockholm , October - Art Galleri, Stockholm, Sweden

             June - Gallery Van Gestel, Marbella, Spain.


2005- December The Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain,

             September-October Café Puck, Stockholm, Sweden


2004- March-April- Casa Municipal in Los Boliches, Spain

             December- The Riviera Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain

About Me

Niki - Nicole Marko