Dogs Are Also People
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Kung Schäfer
Kung Schäfer / 51x61cm, acrylic on canvas
Kung Bulldog VIII. / 54x65cm, acrylic on canvas
Marie-Antoinette / 54x65cm, acrylic on canvas
Bob Marley
Bob (Marley) / 45x42cm, acrylic on canvas sold
Bost Napoleon / 38x46cm, acrylic on canvas sold

I portray your dogs head in a human outfit.

As an outfit we can use historical costumes like Mona Lisa, Napoleon etc as well as modern stars like Elvis or anyone that best matches your dog. I paint by using photographs. You just email a couple of sharp pictures of good quality.

It´s important that your dogs head is to be seen clearly.

I will make you a suggestion of how I want to paint your dog and email it to you for confirmation.

If you have your own idea of how you would like your dog to be portrayed, please feel free to tell me about it!

When placing your order you pay 50 % of the price. The rest, you pay when the painting is finished, and is to be delivered. You can pay by Pay-Pal by using the symbol below.


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