In 2005 I had four exhibitions
in March at the Riviera Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain
in May at Jane´s Gallery Bar, Fuengirola
in September at Cafe Puck, Stockholm, and
in December again at Jane´s Gallery Bar, Fuengirola

December 2005

Niki back in Fuengirola , at The Gallery, all happy among her friends from the AIA ( Andalucian International Artists). Celebrating the anniversary of the birth of AIA with a joint exhibiton through December 2005.

AIA Founding Members

From right to left:
Richard Wood, Niki, Bettina Eriksen, Jane Gomes, Roger Cummiskey and Sally Huntington

Niki & her close artist friends

Roger Cummiskey, Jane Gomis, Richard Wood and Niki having a great time.

Niki with Ann Carroll one of her main collectors discussing her latest paintings.

Niki with Ron, the fireman who just bought one of Nikis paintings.


The artist Bettina Eriksen in front of Nikis paintings