In 2005 I had four exhibitions
in March at the Riviera Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain
in May at Jane´s Gallery Bar, Fuengirola
in September at Cafe Puck, Stockholm, and
in December again at Jane´s Gallery Bar, Fuengirola

Nikis and Harriet Königs exhibition at the Riviera Gallery in Fuengirola,
the 16th - 18th of Mars, 2005, attracted a lot of visitors. Here are some snapshots from the exhibition.

Friends and artists - Niki and Harriet König at the premiere night.

Sophia Ahlgren and Vanessa Marko looking fabulous in front of Niki's paintings.

Musical-star Trish, having a conversation with Niki.

Niki and the journalists John och Joan Rutland of Costa del Sol News.

Niki together with Jan and Brita Tränck.

The winetasting with wine-company VinoSkantz was a popular happening!
Wines were tasted and the artists talked to the guests about their art.

Morgan Skantz of VinoSkantz, studying a detail of one of Niki's paintings.